Youth Bowling

Youth Bowling Canada - Saturday 10:00am 

YBC is committed to:
*Getting Active
*Improving Co-ordination, balance and motor skills
*Interaction with Friends
*Fair Play
*Team Dynamics
*Setting and Accomplishing Goals
*Setting a groundwork for a sport that can be enoyed through ALL ages
YBC Offers:
 *Reward programs for     Achievements
*3 Age Divisions (Bantam, Junior and Senior)
*Qualified Coaching
*Equal participation
*Optional Tournaments
*Fun and Safe Environment
For over 40 years Youth Bowling Canada has offered an inexpensive and fun opportunity for youth up to 19 years of age to get active and involved in a well-organized National Sports Program. 

There are many benefits to belonging to YBC.  To find out more about this great program see theYBC websiteor contact Cochrane Lanes.

Youth Bowling Fee
Registration Fee  $25
Weekly Lineage $10.00

Membership $350 (includes all lineage, registration fees, 10% off restaurant and pro shop purchases and FREE open play bowling subject to availablily.
YBC runs from September until the end of April, has three annual parties including a wind-up in which all YBCer's families are welcome.